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The design of a security and surveillance system should provide for theprotection of the entire perimeter of a home as well as visual and audio basedsurveillance monitoring.

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Take control of virtually anything in your home from lighting, to air conditioning thermostats and even security cameras.

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You can save $10 per month on Nest’s $29 monthly monitoring fee the service is provided by Brinks Home Security, but it requires signing a three year contract.

compare top home security systems

Secure garage doors and windowsWhile most people have solid doors and locks for front and back home entrances, they sometimes forget that garage doors should be of good quality as well. This includes walk through doors and the doors for cars. Older automatic garage door openers were relatively easy to hack, so if your model is more than 15 or 20 years old, you may want to upgrade to a newer system that employs rolling codes. Most garages have windows, and because this area tends to be father away from your living area than other parts of the house, a broken window is less likely to be heard. You may want to consider upgrading your windows to use security glass or shutters, but at least make sure locks are secure. Also watch out for entry doors with windows in or next to them, as these can be broken to allow a thief to stick an arm through and unlock the door from within.

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This requires another open router port during the initial setup, but the camera can eventually connect via Wi Fi or remain wired.

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